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Shenzhen City Tianyuan Technology Development Co., Ltd. was established in 2013, specializing in 3D car four-wheel positioning device R & D, production.

Companies engaged in four rounds of positioning research and development, market services, production work more than 10 years senior experts co-founded, technical leadership, quality-oriented, is our aim.

We will be dedicated to 3D car four-wheel positioning device industry to provide professional technology and products.

Technical advantages

? ? ?

? ? ?With the domestic 3D car four wheel positioning device industry's best technical ?experts.?? ? ?

?????Possess and fully master the C ++ code level 3D car four wheel locator core algorithm.

?????With fixed, mobile 3D car four-wheel locator system technology and complete production process.

? ? ?Has a number of four-wheel locator invention and utility model patents.

? ? ?Has a strong software, hardware, structural design and other development team.

Product advantages

Professional 3D car four wheel locator production, more stable quality, higher cost advantage.

Market service advantage

Has more than 10 years of professional four-wheel locator service experts, to promptly solve the user shunting process in the various difficulties.

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